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Our Animal Clinics provide Affordable, Quality veterinary care in a first class and friendly setting.

2325 W. Warrior Trail, Grand Prairie, Texas 75052

Phone: (682) 253-5177

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Penny Paws Animal Clinics: Grand Prairie


Monday – Friday   7:30 am – 6:00 pm

*(DVM on location from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, we welcome drop-offs before to allow us to help you plan your day better)

Saturday   8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday   Closed

We offer the following surgical and medical procedures:

Affordable Spays and Neuters

Spays and Neuters include Surgery, Anesthesia, Pain medications, and E-collar.

Canine Neuters
0-25lbs $224.00
26-50lbs $244.00
51-75lbs $284.00
76-100lbs $304.00
100lbs + $324.00
Canine Spays
0-25lbs $244.00
26-50lbs $264.00
51-75lbs $324.00
76-100lbs $340.00
100lbs + $424.00
Feline Neuters
Feline Neuter $159.00
Feline Spays
Feline Spay $219.00

*For any surgery: Add on a complete blood count, biochemistry panel, IV catheter/fluids, and specialized food to aid digestion for just an additional $99.


Affordable Vaccinations

Canine Influenza Vaccine
All dogs $39.00
Proheart 12 Vaccination
0-25lbs $67.00
26-50lbs $81.00
51-100lbs $129.00
101-125lbs $191.00

Affordable Teeth Cleanings

Dental Cleanings include full Anesthesia, scaling and polishing with our skilled dog dentists and cat dentists.

Teeth Cleaning
0-50lbs $194.00
51-100lbs $224.00


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187 Reviews

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Penny Paws
5 Stars
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Penny Paws
5 Stars
5 Stars Stars

" I have used Penny Paws when they came to Waxahaxhie, TX in the past for my dog, Bandit. Also had cats, Grey, Red, Duke, Dora and Simon. Each treated in the parking lot. So found when I was moving to Grand Prairie your Clinic for Sajsha. "

Penny Paws
5 Stars
5 Stars Stars

" We like office layout and affordability. Dr. Ely was very informative. Staff was great at making my puppy comfortable on her first vet visit. She even got to be de-muzzled after initially barking out of fear. Great staff "

Penny Paws
5 Stars
5 Stars Stars

" Everyone greeted me with smiles and really made me feel welcomed. I was nervous having someone looking at my cat but they really handled him with care. "

Penny Paws
5 Stars
5 Stars Stars

" Loved the service and how well they explained everything "

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