Arlington/Mansfield Grooming Services

Grooming your pet regularly doesn’t just help him look great but also keeps him healthy and happy. Pet grooming requires a high level of skill, and it’s an art in itself. It calls for careful animal handling, especially since grooming can be uncomfortable for some pets. Therefore, while there are various simple grooming techniques you can do at home with your pet, it is always better to send your pet to a professional groomer who can guarantee your pet’s safety and comfort as they get that neat look. Book a grooming appointment at Arlington/ Mansfield today!

Included in all grooming packages:

  • Deep cleaning bath
  • Hair Cut and style
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Hair Removal
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expression

And most importantly, lots of love!

Price ranges from $40 to $120 depending on size, breed, and coat type.

Benefits of Pet Grooming

  1. Remove surface contaminants and allergens, thus ensuring your pet maintains a healthy coat and skin.
  2. Removes any dead hair build-up reducing the amount of fur your pet sheds. In cats, this helps reduce fur balls as less fur is ingested when self-groom.
  3. Early detection of any underlying diseases or conditions. These can be treated early before they have any lasting effect on your pet. 
  4. Your pet will always look great.

Our Exceptional Grooming Services

At Penny Paws, we have highly skilled groomers who ensure that your pet gets the love and care he deserves. Our services include:

Deep Cleaning Baths

Pets do not require frequent baths, but they still need to be bathed to ensure they remain clean and germ-free. For example, under normal circumstances, a bath once a month is just fine for dogs. We use shampoo designed for pets and a special shampoo for those with skin sensitiveness or conditions to give your pet a nice clean bath that leaves him smelling great.

Fur Trimming and Brushing

Fur trimming is an important element of dog grooming. Dog breeds such as Poodles and Maltese that don’t shed hair will need to have their fur trimmed regularly when it grows long. Fur trimming is also done to other long hair dogs, especially during the warmer months.

Brushing is perhaps the most common pet grooming practice. It keeps pets’ coats clean and helps prevent matting and tangling of hair. Although short-haired dog breeds like Chihuahuas and boxers don’t need regular brushing as compared to their long-haired counterparts, they too need brushing to remove dead hair and debris from their coats.

Nail Trimming

Most pets have sharp nails, which, if not regularly trimmed, can cause injuries to people and the pets themselves. Ensuring that your pet’s nails are trimmed minimizes risks such as nails getting caught in the carpet or even growing around into the pad, which can be very painful.

Ear Cleaning and Hair Removal

This can be a very delicate process as ears are usually sensitive areas for many animals. We clean your pet’s ears and inspect it for any infectious and parasites. The pet’s ears should also be odor-free.  

Gland Expression

Anal gland problems are fairly common in cats and dogs. This happens if the two small sacs inside their rectum are not emptied naturally as they should. If you notice your pet excessively licking their hind region or scooting across the floor, this may be a sign that they need a gland expression. Our experienced groomers will perform the task, and your pet will go back to its former happy self.

Looking for the best pet grooming services in Arlington, TX? Well, look no further. Contact us today to book your pet a safe and stress-free experience. 

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