Our Team at Richland Hills Animal Clinic

  • Melanie

  • Richland Hills Clinic Manager

What I do at Penny Paws: Provide leadership and guidance to our great Reception team at the Richland Hills clinic

Hometown: Cawood, North Yorkshire, England

First Pet: Tiny, a mixed breed dog who went from house to house getting fed by all the neighbors!

Current Pets: Bella, 3-year-old Maltipoo with attitude and Bailey, 1-year-old Poodle mix with a pea size brain!

What I like best about helping animals: The joy I see on our clients’ faces when we have helped their pets to start to feel better, and of course all the puppy kisses that I receive on a daily basis!

  • Jami

  • Vet Tech Team Leader

What I do at Penny Paws: Provide direction to our awesome team of Veterinary Technicians to ensure that a high standard of care is met for each furry baby that we see at the clinic.

Hometown: Arlington Texas

First Pet: grey tabby named Lazy

Current Pets: 2 conures Weavel and Widget, 3 cats Fluffy, Max, Chloe

What I like best about helping animals: Being able to help a patient that can’t tell me what’s wrong, and comfort owners during a difficult time.

  • Terrence

  • Veterinary Technician
Terrence Cheatam

What I do at Penny Paws: As a vet tech I get history of what is going on with your pet, I get a wellness plan including blood work and medications if your pet is sick and I also help with surgeries.

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

First Pet: King Iguana

Current Pets: Kit Kat, Hershey, Diesel, Twister, Musketeer, Marshmallow, Sugar (all dogs), 3 cats, fish, snakes and rats.

What I like best about helping animals: I like helping sick pets get better.

  • Chelsea

  • Veterinary Technician
Chelsea McKinney

What I do at Penny Paws: Help the doctors take care of the animals, prep & monitor patients for surgery, dental cleanings, and pet all the dogs.

Hometown: Weatherford, Texas

First Pet: A cat named Grimmie.

Current Pets: a mutt butt

What I like best about helping animals: You feel at home and can be yourself. Everyone is genuine and compassionate about every pet that comes in.

  • Lanie

  • Veterinary Technician
Lanie Bitar

What I do at Penny Paws: I assist the vet with all services and give the pets tons of love.

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

First Pet: A dog named Benji

Current Pets: Pancake, Jack Russell mix & Keoki, Siamese mix.

What I like best about helping animals: I love that I am advocating for the animals, they can't express themselves like we do. It makes my heart happy to know when I come to work that I truly do what I love. Pets are not just pets, they are family!

  • Loralea

  • Veterinary Assistant
Loralea Guiette

What I do at Penny Paws: Assisting the technicians and trying not to take all the animals home!

Hometown: Haltom City, Texas

First Pet: Veba, a blue heeler.

Current Pets: A dog named Bear and a cat named Lexi

What I like best about helping animals: Being a voice for them when they can't. The feeling I get when one comes in sick and I get to be the one to help make them feel better.

  • Maddie

  • Veterinary Assistant
Maddie Auxenfans

What I do at Penny Paws: Assist the technicians when they need help with a procedure on a dog or cat

Hometown: Colleyville, Texas

First Pet: Bella

Current Pets: Lucy

What I like best about helping animals: If they're sick they can't tell you what's wrong so it's like solving a puzzle and it is so rewarding when you are able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and solve the problem

  • Amanda

  • Receptionist
Amanda Atwood

What I do at Penny Paws: Answer phones, check clients in and out and love on all the babies.

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

First Pet: Fancy - Chinese pug

Current Pets: Toby (Long-haired Dachshund), Hazel (Pitbull-Boston Terrier mix), Roscoe (cat), Sylvester (cat), Buzz (cat)

What I like best about helping animals: Being able to help the Owner/Parent of the pet, this can range from something serious to something simple. Knowing that we can be there and help and make things easier on them. Plus I have always loved animals since I was little.

  • Jessica

  • Receptionist
Jessica Sage

What I do at Penny Paws: Greet, check in, love on the patients, clerical duties, answer phones and such

Hometown: Richland Hills, TX

First Pet: Guinea pig named Pookie

Current Pets: Pug puppy named Gilly

What I like best about helping animals: I love helping people take care of their fur babies!

  • Mandi

  • Receptionist
Mandi Parrish

What I do at Penny Paws: Provide excellent customer service to clients, ensuring that front desk operations run smoothly.

Hometown: Bridgeport, TX

First Pet: Lady

Current Pets: Bukowski and Django

What I like best about helping animals: Animals can't help themselves, it's incredibly rewarding to be apart of that care provided in our community!

  • Randi

  • Receptionist
Randi Boyd

What I do at Penny Paws: Welcome Clients, answer phones, schedule appointments and love on all the fur babies that will let me.

Hometown: Indianapolis

First Pet: Doberman named Baby

Current Pets: American Pit Terrier named Stevie after Stevie Nicks.

What I like best about helping animals: It just makes me feel good to know that every fur baby gets the best treatment from our clinic and the owner knows we are here for them no matter the circumstance. Our fur babies are our family and they deserve the very best in life.

Our Team at Fort Worth Animal Clinic

  • Cassidy

  • Fort Worth Clinic Manager

What I do at Penny Paws: Provide 'PAW-sitive' leadership and guidance to our fantastic Fort Worth clinic team (family).

Hometown: No one ever knows where ‘Cresson, Texas’ is… So I’ll just say, it’s a tiny town that if you blink, you’d miss it.

First Pet: Reeces – My childhood best friend

Current Pets: Axel – My very spoiled Catahoula mix…..Yes, I’m the dog mom that has dog birthday parties.

What I like best about helping animals: Cuddles mostly, and the wet kisses are great too. When I tell people I work at an animal clinic, they get jealous and tell me how lucky I am, Truth is… It does have a lot of perks, cute pups/kittens, getting love daily… There are downsides though because we see animals in pain that can’t do anything or even tell us how they feel, so being able to help them is truly my favorite.

  • Trista

  • Receptionist

What I do at Penny Paws: Greet clients and their pets. Make them feel welcome and comfortable.

Hometown: San Diego, California

First Pet: A Siamese cat named Lucky

Current Pets: Bruno, my sweet Pit Bull

What I like best about helping animals: The thing I enjoy most is making them feel better.

  • Cris

  • Veterinary Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: I help our veterinarians and Penny Paws’ staff ensure your furry family members are well taken care of in their time of need.

Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX

First Pet: A short-haired dachshund/ chihuahua mix named Starr.

Current Pets: No pets currently due to always babysitting all my family’s and friend’s fur babies. However, I do spend most of my time with my niece who is a long-haired dachshund named Mia and my best friend Hudson who is a German spaniel mix.

What I like best about helping animals: Do you know that sensation you experience when you look at your furry loved friend, and can’t keep yourself from smiling? Well, what I like best about helping animals is being a part of the process that enables them to live a long, healthy life where they can continuously receive that loving smile.

  • Evangelina

  • Veterinary Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: I help ensure pets are getting quality pet care with the help of our amazing doctors. I do anything from placing catheters to cleaning. I love talking to customers and making a bond with not only them but with their sweet pets.

Hometown: Arlington, TX

First Pet: Nala

Current Pets: Nala, my PURRty kitty

What I like best about helping animals: I love seeing the familiar faces of beautiful pets that are getting treated. My favorite part is seeing their behavior change compared to the first visit when the pet was feeling sick. Helping not only the pets but also the people by providing affordable, quality pet care is something I really enjoy about this company. Our practice revolves around helping animals and I am very happy to say that we as a company love what we do.

  • Natalie

  • Veterinary Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: As a technician here at Penny Paws, I assist the doctor with surgeries and exams, educate clients on annual wellness and prevention, and administer treatment as directed by the doctor.

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

First Pet: Susie, a tortoiseshell Siamese mix

Current Pets: 2 chihuahuas: Romeo and Cecil

What I like best about helping animals: I enjoy helping them live better lives because they constantly give us so much to make our lives better and they deserve it.

  • Maisy

  • Veterinary Receptionist

What I do at Penny Paws: I welcome pets to our clinic, schedule appointments, and help ensure everything runs smoothly!

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

First Pet: A tortoiseshell cat named Putty Tat (named after the classic Tweetie Bird quote, "I thawt I thaw a Putty Tat.")

Current Pets: Two sweet kitties! Clifford is my goofy, mischievous boy, and Rosie is my gray-and-white, no-nonsense girl who only loves two things on this earth: tortilla chips and people's laps.

What I like best about helping animals: I love watching their whole demeanor and body language change when their pain is gone and they feel all better!

  • Karlie

  • Veterinarian Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: I do my best to make sure that all patients leave the clinic happy and healthy, or on the road to recovery!

Hometown: Houston, TX

First Pet: My 8-year-old lab, Banelli

Current Pets: a total of 5 for now. Two dogs (Banelli, yellow lab, and Gage, Australian shepherd), a mini pot-bellied pig, BB "Bacon Bit", a cat, Maine coon mix, Xur and lastly, a Savannah monitor, Izzy.

What I like best about helping animals: seeing the sick pets come back healthy and happy, helping them the best we can because they have no voice.

  • Mariah

  • Veterinary Technician Assistant

What I do at Penny Paws: I assist the veterinary technicians/veterinarians and make sure the clients/patients are provided with the best service.

Hometown: Midland, Texas

First Pet: Canine, Maltese-Sugar

Current Pets: Canine, French Bulldog-Millie

What I like best about helping animals: Making sure the animals get the best care and also being able to share my passion for this profession by helping them live a healthier lifestyle.

Our Team at Arlington / Mansfield Animal Clinic

  • Alicyn

  • Clinic Manager
Alicyn Hendrix

What I do at Penny Paws: I assist the Veterinarians with pet care by providing care while pets are hospitalized, helping prepare them for surgical procedures, collecting samples for the lab and helping explain and administer preventative care.

Hometown: May Pearl, TX

First Pet: A Pomeranian named Princess

Current Pets: I have two cats, a Norwegian Forest Cat named Pippin and a domestic shorthair named Artemis.

What I like best about helping animals: I like being a part of the most important times in a pet’s life. We get to help walk them through the baby stages, help with surgeries and any life crisis by being a reassuring partner to both the pets and their owners And we get to be a part of helping any pain and suffering.

  • Christian

  • Lead Veterinary Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: I assist and monitor anesthesia during soft tissue surgery. I perform dentals and educate clients on preventative care. I assist the doctors in exam rooms along with drawing blood, placing catheters and admitting vaccines.

Hometown: Grand Prairie Texas

First Pet: Max (boxer)

Current Pets: Blaze (pitbull/american bulldog mix, Nixon (siberian husky)

What I like best about helping animals: I like being able to help and be the voice of animals that can't speak for themselves.

  • Sierra

  • Veterinary Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: Make the work atmosphere AWESOME! Help care for animals, and promote animal health and wellness checks!

Hometown: Tryon, Oklahoma

First Pet: A Shihtzu Named Zeezu

Current Pets: I own 1 horse (Blue Roan James Denim) , 1 dog (Papillon Mix Named Mouse and 1 cat (Black DSH Named Panther)

  • Sheila

  • Veterinary Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: I cater to your concerns & your pets, health needs.

Hometown: Puerto Rico

First Pet: A black & white springer cocker spaniel, named "Goofy"

Current Pets: A tan & white 2y/o NM Chihuahua X , named "Rocky"

What I like best about helping animals: The satisfaction I get, knowing your pet gets provided with the care it needs to be in optimal health, so that you may keep creating memories that will last you a lifetime.

  • Morgan

  • Veterinary Technician

What I do at Penny Paws:


First Pet:

Current Pets:

What I like best about helping animals:

  • Kayla

  • Veterinary Technician Assistant/ Kennel Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: I assist the technicians with anything they need and take care of the boarding facility

Hometown: Kennedale, TX

First Pet: My kitty Harley

Current Pets: Hooter - dog, Harley- cat, Gizzy and ziggy - leopard geckos

What I like best about helping animals: I like being able to make the animals feel more comfortable while getting treated in our clinic. I love getting to be there for them.

  • Nevada

  • Kennel Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: Provide love and care to the animals during their stay.

Hometown: Arlington

First Pet: American Bull Dog named Baxster

Current Pets: Jack Russel named Angel, Maltese named Cloe, and A Demestic Medium Hair named Panther.

What I like best about helping animals: Giving them the love and support they need to feel safe without their owners while boarding.

  • Aracely

  • Receptionist

What I do at Penny Paws: Front end, scheduling and discharging Clients as well as keeping the office tidy.

Hometown: Fort Worth

First Pet: Cat - Binx

Current Pets: 2 cats Bix, Bella & 2 Dogs Bubbles, Blue

What I like best about helping animals: Being able to be their voice!

  • Gabi

  • Receptionist
Gabi T

What I do at Penny Paws: I handle scheduling appointments, answer phone calls, interact with our amazing clients and get to watch each sweet fur baby walk through the door!

Hometown: Arlington, Texas!

First Pet: My first pet was my sister’s rat terrier named Puddles! I grew up with him and maybe, once or twice, tried to ride him like a horse when I was a toddler - I don’t think I understood what a dog was haha! To this day, I love and miss him with my whole heart!

Current Pets: Currently, I have a box turtle named Pangea, a Lionhead Rabbit named Beemo, two chihuahua mixes named Titan and Pixie (yes, they bark all the time) and a pit bull mix we rescued a couple years ago named Indie (the actual light of my whole life)!

What I like best about helping animals: What I love most about helping animals is seeing how grateful they really can be when just showed even an ounce of affection or care. Not all animals receive the love they deserve and to see how they light up when they finally get to experience it makes my heart overflow with joy every time! To help those that are not able to help themselves - that’s why we all go into work everyday!

  • Kristen

  • Receptionist

What I do at Penny Paws: I greet our customers and patients and check everybody in. I also answer the phones so we can make your sweet pets appointments and make sure they are all doing well, and answer any questions you might have.

Hometown: Kingston, Washington

First Pet: Joshua (aka Shnuggy), Norwegian Forest Cat/Main Coon mix

Current Pets: Lucy, Peter (Black DLH) and Cowboy (black lab)

What I like best about helping animals: I love seeing customers faces when we are able to make their life easier as well as their pets. I also feel like in a way we are the voice for your pets. I love going home and feeling like I made a difference not only in an animals life but also in the owners life.

Our Team at Grand Prairie Animal Clinic

  • Candra

  • Clinic Manager

What I do at Penny Paws: Provide leadership, and guidance to our Arlington Clinic team, and ensure a high quality of client service.

Hometown: Kennedale, TX

First Pet: Bear, a poodle mix

Current Pets: Tyrone, the Boxer!

What I like best about helping animals: Helping Animals has truly become a passion for me. Going home every day, and knowing that I’ve helped a Fur-baby who cannot help themselves is the most rewarding and meaningful feeling in the entire world.

Our Vision

We are here to help people live a better, more enriched life by serving the healthcare needs of their pets. Helping people, helping pets is what we do.

Our Plan

We accomplish this through our network of Veterinary Community Outreaches and Animal Clinics that provide quality veterinary health care that is easily accessible, convenient and affordable to the people of Texas.

Our Values

That serve as our guiding lens for all situations include:

  • doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking
  • using the golden rule with every patient, client and team member
  • choosing to have a positive attitude and creative mindset
  • being honest, even when it is easier to not be
  • being compassionate with others and pets because we all suffer