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Our Animal Clinics provide Affordable, Quality veterinary care in a first class and friendly setting.

7451 N. Beach Street, Suite 172 Fort Worth, TX 76137

Phone: (817) 522-1992

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Penny Paws Animal Clinics: Fort Worth


Monday – Friday   7:30 am – 6:00 pm 

*(DVM on location from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, we welcome drop-offs before to allow us to help you plan your day better)

Saturday   8:00 am to 5:00 pm



Affordable Feline Spays and Neuters

Spays, Neuters, Declaws include Surgery, Anesthesia, Pain medications, and E-collar.

  • Feline Neuter - $129
  • Feline Spay - $189
Affordable Canine Spays and Neuters

Canine Spays

  • 0-25lbs - $209
  • 26-50lbs - $229
  • 51-75lbs - $289
  • 76-100lbs - $305
  • 100lbs+ - $389

Canine Neuters 

  • 0-25lbs - $189
  • 26-50lbs - $209
  • 51-75lbs - $249
  • 76-100lbs - $269
  • 100lbs+ - $289

*Prices are dependent on the weight of pet.

Affordable Teeth Cleanings

Dental Cleanings include full Anesthesia, scaling, and polishing with our skilled dog dentists and cat dentists.

  • 0-50lbs - $159
  • 51-100 lbs - $189

*Prices are dependent on the weight of pet.

Canine Influenza Vaccine
  • All dogs - $39
ProHeart 12 Vaccination
  • Proheart 12 0-25lbs - $67
  • Proheart 12 26-50lbs -  $81
  • Proheart 12 51-100lbs - $129
  • Proheart 12 101-125lbs - $191

For any surgery: Add on a complete blood count, biochemistry panel, IV catheter/fluids, and specialized food to aid digestion for just an additional $99.

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  • Annual Health/Wellness Exams
  • Medical Progress exam
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Vaccinations — puppies, kittens, and adults
  • Geriatric Wellness Exams
  • Feline Declaws
  • Eye and Ear Problems
  • Deworming
  • Dental Cleaning & Extractions
  • Pet Microchipping
  • General Surgery
  • Heartworm Prevention
  • Flea & Tick Preventatives
  • New Puppy Exams
  • New Kitten Exams
  • Digital X-Rays
  • In-House Blood Work
  • Boarding

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Our Fort Worth Animal Clinic Veterinarians

  • Dr. Bolla

  • Veterinarian
Dr. Uma Bolla, DVM

What I do at Penny Paws: Veterinarian

Hometown: India

First Pet: Raju a mixed breed dog

Current Pets: None

What I like best about helping animals: I like to see them happy. They are such innocent, gentle creatures.

  • Dr Preissinger

  • Veterinarian
Dr Ron Preissinger, DVM

What I do at Penny Paws: See and assess patients throughout the day, diagnosing diseases and problems as well as preventative measures.

Hometown: Joshua, TX

First Pet: Popcorn – mixed breed

Current Pets: Sheba – black cat

What I like best about helping animals: Animals are honest, when they feel better they show it, the don’t hide their feelings even if it means a bite on the arm.

  • Dr. Miller

  • Veterinarian
Dr. Miller

What I do at Penny Paws: I love performing surgery, but also do preventive medicine, internal medicine, dermatology, dentistry, and a wide variety of general practice roles.

Hometown: Yale, Iowa

First Pet: I think it was a cat named Mischief.

Current Pets: Boston Terrier named Amy Farrah Fowler and 2 chihuahua mixes named Puck and Firkin.

What I like best about helping animals: Helping those who can't help themselves is very satisfying.

  • Dr. Ridenour

  • Veterinarian
Dr. Ridenour

What I do at Penny Paws: Coming Soon!

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

First Pet: Sandy, a golden retriever - family dog I had as a child.

Current Pets: None

What I like best about helping animals: Being an advocate for animals and providing the best care to them and their owners.

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cat and dog

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