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Your Dogs Path to Wellness

Your dog isn’t simply the family pet. He’s part of your family, and for that reason, you want to ensure he’s on the dog path to wellness, so he stays healthy throughout his life. Regular visits to the vet’s office can help minimize the risks of dog illnesses and dog diseases. You want to ensure you aren’t faced with any dog health problems that you could have avoided. Here’s a look at seven essentials on your dog’s path to wellness.

Annual Vaccination

Your dog spends a lot of time outside, interacting with other humans and pets. This makes it essential that he receives his canine vaccinations. Just like you made sure he got his puppy shots, you want to schedule annual vacations to keep dog illnesses at bay. Dog vaccination costs are worth the safety they provide from dog diseases, including, rabies, distemper, parvovirus infection and more.
With so many vaccinations available, it’s hard to know which are essential to your dog’s health. Your vet is ready to answer all of your dog health questions, so don’t hesitate to ask. It’s essential to have more than just rabies shots each year. The most commonly recommended puppy shots and dog shots are key to keeping your pup healthy over his lifetime. 
You can usually get your dog vaccinations in one visit and the dog vaccination costs are rolled into one package. For example, Penny Paws Animal Clinic offers a package of annual vaccinations for one low price, and you can include a Lepto vaccination for just a few dollars more. Talk with your vet and discuss the puppy shots and dog shots they recommend. 

Annual Parasite Monitoring, Control, Prevention

How many times have you pulled your dog out of someone’s else trash can? Or found him nosing around things he shouldn’t? This is why your dog’s annual parasite monitoring is a must to a sick dog from common parasites. Some of the most common parasites that affect canine health include heartworms, fleas and ticks, tapeworms and more.
Your vet will examine the physical condition of your dog as well as feces and blood tests to gauge if your dog has any parasites. If your dog has any issues, your vet may prescribe medication and other treatments to ensure the dog’s health. 
Prevention of parasites is key to helping your dog thrive, which is why you need to have the exam each year. If you suspect your dog has a parasite, you need to make an appointment with your vet immediately so he doesn’t suffer any complications.

Annual Bloodwork

Most vets recommend annual blood work to ensure you have a healthy pet. When your puppy has his yearly blood work at one year of age, it helps your vet establish his baseline results to use as a comparison for all future annual blood work results. Blood work can help identify any dog health problems early, so you and your vet can determine the best treatment. 
Blood work can also help in identifying any underlining dog health issues that aren’t apparent during a physical examination. Blood work can identify a variety of health concerns, including:
  • diabetes
  • kidney disease
  • liver shunts
  • thyroid disease
  • immune deficiency issues
  • and others
Identifying these dog illnesses early helps you avoid any long-term damage to your dog’s health. Your vet will take the time to discuss the results with you and outline any necessary treatments.

Annual Exams

An annual exam is necessary to evaluate your pet’s health and to identify any new health concerns. During the annual exam, your vet will evaluate your dog’s appearance, such as the luster of his coat, ability to move and other things.
The vet also asks a series of dog health questions to identify any possible issues. Along with a physical exam, the doctor will recommend both blood tests and the annual check for parasites. The check for parasites may include a fecal test. This all a part of dog health care. 
If your pet takes any medications, your vet will discuss his tolerance and explore other options for treating a sick dog. As your pet ages, your vet may recommend that you increase the annual exam from once a year to every six months

Is Your Dogs Health Important?

Whether it’s time for an annual checkup, or you have a question about your cat’s care, contact our Animal Clinic to book an appointment or for emergency medical assistance. In addition to our Arlington/Mansfield, Richland Hills, and Fort Worth veterinary offices, we also offer mobile vaccination clinics in Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Abilene for your convenience.


You know it happens in an instant. You’re out walking with your dog when he sees a squirrel and goes bounding off. A microchip can help bring a lost pet back to you, and the best part is that it doesn’t affect your dog’s health.
Microchips are as small as a grain of rice, and they’re implanted in between the dog’s shoulder blades. When a lost dog or cat is brought to a vet’s office, the vet scans the area to see if there is a chip and get the alphanumeric code from it. This code links to the owner’s information. 
You should microchip your pup on his first puppy wellness check. At each year’s annual dog wellness check, ask your vet to go over your contact information to ensure it’s up to date with your most current contact details. 


Spaying and neutering your dog means that they won’t be able to have puppies in the future. Spaying is for female dogs, and neutering is for male dogs. Dog sterilization benefits include lowering the chances of breast cancer and general cancers in female dogs and testicular cancer for males. You may also find after dog sterilization that your pup displays calmer and more friendly tendencies towards your family and strangers. 
Most vets recommend spaying or neutering your pet after he finishes his puppy vaccinations, between four and six months of age. During the dog sterilization, your dog is anesthetized, constantly monitored by a nurse and given IV fluids. After the procedure, your dog receives pain medication and a cone to protect the stitches.

Diet / Exercise

Diet and exercise play a large part in a dog’s path to wellness. It’s a good idea to discuss your dog’s diet with your vet. How much and the type of food your dog eats each day comes from his age and weight. In some cases, your vet may prescribe a certain brand or type of dog food. The nutritional needs of a puppy are vastly different than those of a senior dog. A dog’s weight can play an important part in keeping the dog healthy and free of dog diseases. 
Exercise is also essential for a dog’s health and general well being. However, a German shepherd needs more exercise than a cocker spaniel. You want to find the ideal balance between diet and exercise to help your pup maintain a healthy weight and avoid health complications based on weight. It’s beneficial to discuss your dog’s exercise routine with your vet. 
At Penny Paws Animal Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping your dog live his best life. We’re ready to partner with you in a lifetime of care for your dog. It’s our goal to offer the best care for reasonable prices. We offer hours that are convenient for your schedule. Contact ustoday and make an appointment. We can’t wait to meet you.


Most dogs are social animals that enjoy the company of their owners, but this doesn’t come without hard work and dedication from the owner. The 4-12 week stage of a puppies life is the most crucial for introducing social skills and imprinting good behaviors on them. if you have adopted an adult dog, it is important to figure out as soon as possible, how far along he/she is in their socialization skills. Instilling positive experiences into your puppy/dogs mind early on will help them grow into a confident and friendly pet. Socializing your dog with other dogs is just as important if not more than with humans.

The Penny Paws team suggests these simple but effective tips when teaching your dog the proper social skills!

  • Go on daily walks and bring your dog up to people and other dogs. Teaching your dog that cars and loud machinery are not scary is important as well.
  • Bring your dog around men, women, and children so they can learn you aren’t the only safe person in the world. Enforce their good behavior with treats!
  • If you are an on the go pet parent we recommend looking for a doggy boot camp. Ask your Penny Paws Animal Clinic or Mobile Vaccination about local dog socializing opportunities.
  • Visit the dog parks and start with your pet on the leash and slowly wean them off when they seem comfortable enough to explore on their own.

Does Your Dog Need Vaccinations?

Penny Paws believes every owner and pet should have access to medications which is why we host weekly mobile vaccination clinics. Click below to find a clinic near you or check on your pet’s medical records!

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