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Keeping up with the required vaccines and treatments for pets can be challenging. Especially if your cat spends time outside, keeping their vaccines updated is crucial to their safety and health. 

Multiple vaccines are crucial to your cat’s health, while some are optional. This article will give you an overview of which vaccines are required and how they work. Keep reading to learn more about vaccinating your cats and finding the right cat vaccinations near you.

Why Vaccines Are Important

Vaccines are a large part of modern medicine’s approach to preventative care. By strengthening the body’s natural ability to fight infection and disease, vaccines effectively protect your pets from disease and make them much less likely to require medical care.

Some vaccines provide complete immunity to a specific disease, while others simply reduce the severity of symptoms if an infection occurs. Either way, vaccines dramatically improve the odds of beating a condition if exposed.

A vaccinated cat is at a much lower risk of severe infection or disease, so pet owners can have peace of mind even when their cat goes out to explore. To put it simply, the vaccines discussed in this article will protect your cat from most of the common illnesses that place your cat at risk.

Cat Vaccinations Schedule

Cats require regular vaccines regardless of age, although the frequency decreases as your cat gets older. Kittens will need a full range of vaccines, administered in groups every three weeks to a month to minimize the side effects of cat vaccines. Following that, they will need a booster one year after being initially vaccinated.

Adult cats still need regular shots, with each vaccine requiring a different schedule. The vaccines generally last for 1-3 years before requiring boosters or updates, but many pets still need annual vaccines, so check your pets’ records if you feel like it’s been a while since their last visit.

Which Vaccines Does My Cat Need?

As a pet owner, figuring out which vaccinations your pet needs can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) provides some guidelines to follow when choosing a vaccination plan for your cat.

The AAFP breaks down the vaccines they recommend into two separate categories: core and non-core. While core vaccines are generally regarded as crucial to your pet’s health regardless of circumstance, non-core vaccines can be vital for cats with previous health conditions or who live in high-risk areas. Rabies vaccination is an example of a core vaccine, as the disease is untreatable in most animals, and is required by law in most states.

It’s up to you to determine whether your cat should receive non-core vaccines. Consider your cat’s health and lifestyle as well as your veterinarian’s recommendation before deciding whether or not to have them administered.

Additional Vaccines

Cats with specific health risks or at a higher-than-normal risk of exposure to a particular pathogen may require additional vaccination above what the AAFP recommends. For example, these may be necessary if your cat spends a lot of time outside or if a particular illness has broken out in your area.

The two vaccines in this category that clinics most commonly administer to cats are the vaccines for Feline Leukemia and Bordetella. Feline Leukemia is a serious condition that can be spread amongst cats through their bodily fluid and currently has no known cure, so prevention is the best protection method. This shot requires a booster one year later, so if you feel like your cat may need this vaccine, keep that in mind.

The second vaccine in this category, Bordetella, is typically a concern only when keeping many animals near each other. If you’re planning on boarding your cat sometime soon, it may be worth considering, but this vaccine doesn’t need to be a priority for most cat owners.

Cat Vaccination Clinics

When choosing a vaccination clinic for your cat, it’s essential to find a provider that is an expert in both veterinary practice and healthcare. 

Penny Paws offers the best of both worlds, as our expert staff is genuinely passionate about working with animals and always provides the highest level of care. We ensure that your pet is fully healthy while doing their best to keep them happy and comfortable. Put your “cat vaccines near me” quest to rest with Penny Paws.

How Much Do Cat Vaccines Cost

Cat vaccine prices can vary, but Penny Paws always strives to provide quality care to your pets at the best available prices. Our cat vaccination packages depend on the age of your cat or kitten and range in price. We’ll make sure your cat is fully protected from germs and viruses and do our best to keep them comfortable throughout the process.

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