What prevents you from making regular vet appointments for your pet? Many pet owners struggle with accessibility, scheduling issues, stressed or frail animals, and other obstacles. These issues make recommended vet visits a gauntlet of challenges.

Vet telemedicine can help alleviate some of these struggles. As providers of telemedicine services, our staff at Penny Paws Animal Clinic in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area know a few ways this versatile service improves our clients’ experiences in securing healthcare for their pets. Discover the benefits below.

How Telemedicine Services Work

You’re likely familiar with COVID-19’s influence on traditional healthcare services. Many providers began using online portals to connect with patients to prevent disease exposure. Online veterinary appointments work the same way:

  1. Call the clinic with which you want to book an appointment.
  2. The clinic secures payment during the phone call.
  3. You’ll receive a link to the video app for the appointment.
  4. You can use your phone, computer, or tablet to attend the appointment. Vets recommend that your device has a camera. This enables the vet to look at your pet if needed.
  5. Your vet will provide further instructions after examining your pet.

This simple process enables all people to monitor their dogs’ and cats’ health regardless of location. All they need is a camera-equipped device, a WiFi connection, and a little privacy to discuss their pets’ status with their primary vet.

6 Perks of Vet Telemedicine

Although COVID-19 negatively impacted modern society in many ways, it also carved a path for innovative solutions. Family pets are especially vulnerable to hidden health conditions and diseases. Many animals disguise their suffering so well that their long-time owners don’t pick up on any issues.

So vet visits are integral to keeping your furry friend healthy and comfortable throughout each life stage. But like other pet owners, you might struggle to meet these medical demands, especially as your pet ages.

A virtual visit to your animal’s doctor offers a convenient and widely available solution. Check out a few of the ample benefits below.

#1 More Access for You and Others

Many clients understandably appreciate more accessible pet care for themselves, but as more people demand these telemedicine services, more vet clinics will offer them.

Some U.S. citizens live in areas that lack consistent access to veterinary care. They can’t even get a professional opinion about their pets’ behaviors without driving for a few hours. These voyages require time off from work, a car, and plenty of gas at minimum.

By scheduling virtual appointments when applicable, you’ll help bring these in-demand services to other areas. Rather than taking an entire day off for what might be a mild allergy, pet owners in these areas provide medical care for their furry family members at home. They can limit in-person visits to emergencies, surgeries, or vaccinations.

#2 Better Experience for Pets

One obstacle that puts pet owners off vet visits is patient fear and stress. Some animals can’t handle the upheaval an appointment brings to their routine, no matter how many precautions their owners take. Plus, intense anxiety can increase an animal’s risk of injury or illness.

Vet telemedicine assists with patient fear and stress reduction. For example, surgeries can greatly increase an animal’s anxiety during subsequent visits. But vets don’t have to hold medical rechecks in person if:

  • The stitches dissolve on their own
  • The owner observes no potential complications
  • The patient shows clear signs of recovery

The recheck can take place via video conference, eliminating the need for travel.

#3 More Convenient for You

A stressed pet often inspires stress in its owner. You have intense empathy for the animals you love, so you want to avoid forcing them into uncomfortable situations.

Additionally, you may not have access to the following resources:

  • Emergency funds
  • A reliable vehicle
  • Calming medications or treats
  • An appropriately sized crate or carrier

Getting your animal to a vet appointment on time puts you at the mercy of other people. Virtual appointments streamline the process and ensure you only attend in-person visits when necessary.

#4 May Support Public Services For Animals

Animal shelters support more stray cats and dogs than they can handle in many areas. Many of the animals they acquire have significant health issues that require specialized treatment; however, shelter volunteers and workers rarely have the resources to transfer these animals to and from the vet. They can only manage the most basic requirements like spaying, neutering, and rudimentary vaccinations.

The increased availability of telemedicine for animals secures more treatment options, prescriptions, and other necessities for shelters. They can develop a support network of medical professionals rather than relying on one regional veterinarian assigned to their location.

#5 Affordable Appointments

Telemedical appointments sometimes cost less than in-person appointments. The staff doesn’t use as many resources to conduct the appointment. They don’t need a team to restrain the agitated dog or panicking cat.

The owner doesn’t have to take extra time off work or burn gas to get the exam. They can keep their pet in the room with them, aiming the camera at certain areas as requested by their vet. Plus, virtual appointments often carry a predictable flat rate.

#6 Decreased Infections for Immunocompromised Animals

Many vets have concerns about animals that are:

  • Elderly
  • Weak
  • Recovering from severe illnesses or injuries
  • Taking medications that could compromise their immune systems
  • Battling contagious illness

Although clinic staff works hard to maintain a sterile, clean environment, airborne diseases can still travel through ventilation systems. If an already weakened or otherwise compromised animal catches the illness, it will suffer even more and may not survive.

Vet telemedicine protects these animals and allows them to stay in a safe, familiar environment free from foreign germ exposure. It could significantly increase your pets’ likelihood of survival following intense treatments or difficult infections.

Prioritize Your Furry Friends’ Health with Penny Paws Animal Clinic

Plan your pet’s telemedicine appointment with Penny Paws Animal Clinic today! You’ll reap these benefits while improving access for other parties. Follow the instructions on our service page. We look forward to a virtual visit with you and your pet!