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Your pet’s dental health is vital to their overall health and wellness. Like humans, cats and dogs can also develop periodontal disease and lose teeth. Besides regular teeth cleanings, you can give your pets treats that help with teeth cleaning. 

Penny Paws Animal Clinic is Texas’s leading animal clinic providing high-quality services for local pets, including teeth cleanings. Whether your pet has missing teeth or bad breath, we’ll implement the perfect solution. Our team recommends managing your pet’s dental health with treats between cleaning appointments.

Maintaining Pet Dental Health

One important step in maintaining good oral hygiene in your pet is to take them to regular teeth cleanings. Depending on your dog or cat’s breed, age, and health, they may require more or less frequent visits. Your veterinarian will likely inspect your pet’s dental health at their annual checkups and let you know how often they should get their teeth cleaned.

Between cleanings, it’s advised to use a specially designed-toothbrush or dental wipe on your pet a few times a week. Some pets may not tolerate teeth cleaning, making it challenging to keep their teeth in good condition. Luckily, dental treats are available for cats and dogs.

Regular dental health maintenance is instrumental in keeping your pet fit. Dental treats successfully fight harmful bacteria and keep your pet’s breath fresh.

Types of Pet Dental Treats

Treats that help with teeth cleaning come in different forms for dogs and cats. Crunchy textures scrape away plaque and tartar buildup to maintain your pets’ oral health. Meaty flavors keep them chewing for hours.

Rawhide and edible treats are the most common types of pet dental treats.

Rawhide Chews

These dried hide chews come from cows or horses and are ideal for your dog. Some combine additional soft centers to make them last longer and provide other flavors.

You won’t have to worry about leaving your dog unattended as these treats are healthy. Furthermore, many come with feeding dose instructions.

Rawhide strips are other common dental chews that work like rawhide bones. Puppies and smaller dogs may have an easier time chewing strips versus bones. 

Some treats also include digestive enzymes that facilitate easier digestion of the hard rawhide materials. Common brands for rawhide dental chews include Purina and Blue Buffalo. Look for a veterinary-formulated option for maximum dental health.

Edible Treats

There is an extensive selection of edible dental treats for dogs and cats. The chewy yet firm textures of these treats rub away plaque and serve as a tasty snack for your pets. Top brands include Greenies, Milk-Bone, Emerald, Prime Taste, and Virbac. 

Pets with sensitive stomachs can still enjoy edible dental treats. There are many options with natural ingredients and formulas ideal for cats and dogs with allergies or gastric issues. Low-calorie treats help prevent your pet from gaining weight while maintaining dental health.

Treats to avoid include those with bones or other tough materials. Antlers and other hard treats can damage your pet’s teeth. Furthermore, they can cause other dental concerns and increase oral pain in pets.

Other alternatives to dental treats include specially formulated pet food. Kibble is significantly better for maintaining oral health versus wet food. Hill’s Prescription Diet offers dental care kibble in many flavors for dogs and cats.

Do Dental Treats Help Dogs’ Teeth?

The American Veterinary Dental College and the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) have confirmed that some dog teeth-cleaning treats can be effective with proper use. Certain dental treats have garnered their approval. Treats meeting the VOHC’s approval fulfill their standards for plaque control and periodontal disease reduction.

Daily care is crucial in maintaining plaque and tartar, like regular tooth brushing. Pets that can’t tolerate tooth brushing have further options, like a dog dental chew toy for excitable puppies. By following the correct dosages for your pet’s weight and dental hygiene needs, you may notice considerable improvements regarding bad breath and tartar.

Homemade Dog Treats to Clean Teeth

Many dog owners make their own treats that help with teeth cleaning. Ingredients like chlorophyll reduce bad breath, while coconut oil and other ingredients safe for dogs help pups with sensitive stomachs.

These options aren’t as effective as branded dental treats. Yet, they are an affordable way to maintain your pet’s dental health for those wanting a holistic alternative.

Understanding which foods you can give your dog when making homemade dental treats is essential. Avoid harmful foods like garlic and cinnamon. Instead, mint and parsley will freshen breath and aid digestion.

Do Cats Need Dental Treats?

Cats need treats that help with teeth cleaning just as much as dogs do. You’ll still need to book your cat regular teeth cleanings from your vet. However, the benefits of cat dental treats include the following:

  • Better control of plaque and tartar: Excessive plaque and tartar can lead to periodontal disease and subsequent tooth loss in cats. Dental treats reduce the damage of these buildups.
  • Eliminating foul breath: Stomach problems and dirty teeth result in bad breath. Further neglect may lead to heart disease. Fortunately, treats kill this bacteria.
  • Cleaner, healthier teeth: Good dental health correlates with excellent overall health in your cat. Dental chews with added vitamins and minerals can significantly boost your feline’s health with regular consumption.

Veterinary-Approved Cat Dental Treats

Cat dental treats with veterinary approval are most effective at improving dental health. The top veterinary-approved dental treats for cats include:

  • Feline Greenies
  • DentaLife Cat Dental Treats
  • Emerald Pet Feline Dental Treats
  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Crunchy Cat Treats

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