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While many of us would love to take our pets with us everywhere, sometimes traveling can be hard on our animals. Airports and long car rides can be stressful for your cats, who generally hate being in tight carriers for long periods. Additionally, ensuring your pet does not escape into unfamiliar territory can be unnecessary stress while traveling, so many pet owners choose to use a boarding service instead.

We know you care about your cat and do everything you can to ensure their happiness. If you’re planning a trip and are not planning to bring your cat along, it’s essential to find a service that you trust with the safety of your animal. This article is here to help you learn how to find cat boarding near you. 

How To Choose A Cat Boarding Service

When choosing a boarding service for your cat, it’s essential to take your time. The quality of care your animal will receive can vary dramatically depending on where you go, so be sure to read reviews and speak to friends to determine whether or not an option is right for you. 

Take a Tour

Stopping by any boarding facility you are considering is a crucial step, as you’ll be able to learn about each business by seeing their facility. Ensure the area your cats will be staying in is spacious and clean, with enough scratching posts and litter boxes for the number of cats staying there.

If you can, try to speak with a member of the animal care staff at each of the boarding services you consider. Getting a sense of their attitude toward animals and how they approach their job can help you better predict the type of care they will provide to your cats.

Safety First

Security is another vital aspect to consider when choosing pet boarding services. Cats are incredibly clever and dexterous, making them excellent at getting into where they aren’t supposed to be, and they’re just as good at getting out. So, make sure the boarding service offers secure kennels and crates that are still large enough for your cat to be comfortable.

While cats will only be in their cages during mealtime and overnight, larger condos are available for larger cats or clients with multiple cats that would stay together. Make sure the litter boxes in these cages are changed regularly and that the cages and enclosures are cleaned and in good condition.

Food Concerns

If your cats have unique dietary restrictions or are just picky eaters, most pet boarding services are happy to let you drop their food off along with your pet. Otherwise, feeding is typically included in the cost of your cat’s stay, although we recommend inquiring about the brand the service uses if you have any concerns.

Common Pet Boarding Service Rules

There are a few rules that most pet boarding services will expect you to follow, so the list below will give you a few things to remember when preparing to send your cat to a boarding service.

Updated Vaccinations

At a boarding service, your pet will be around other animals. So, most boarding services only accept fully vaccinated pets for everyone’s safety. Bring your pet’s vaccination records with you when you drop them off, and you should have no issues with the process.

Unfortunately, if you’re planning a trip soon and have a feline friend who needs shots, you may have to explore other options. Most services will require a waiting period following the administration of the vaccines. This period is usually a few weeks long and ensures that the vaccinations take full effect before their stay.

Disclose Illnesses

It’s also vital to be honest about any health issues your cat is experiencing. While some boarding services will refuse cats with FIV or similar conditions, the boarding service you choose must be prepared to provide needed medical care.

Overnight Cat Boarding Near Me

Penny Paws has multiple locations in Texas, making it a convenient option for pet owners across the state. When you need “overnight cat boarding near me” in Texas, you can always count on Penny Paws to provide your pet with excellent care.

Leaving your pet in someone else’s care requires a lot of trust, so it’s vital to find a local option that gives you peace of mind when your pet is in their care. However, if you’d rather go with an option with a long track record of quality service, Penny Paws is an excellent option for cat boarding with multiple locations in Texas.

If you live in Texas, Penny Paws offers locations across the state that provide veterinarian and pet boarding services. At Penny Paws, we care about our feline guests and do everything we can to ensure that they are comfortable throughout their stay. Our staff of animal care experts are passionate about their work and enjoy getting to work with all of our clients’ beautiful pets.

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Penny Paws offers comfortable and affordable pet boarding at multiple locations in Texas. Penny Paws is always happy to provide grooming, veterinary assistance, and boarding services.  Call our location nearest you for more information or to schedule your cat’s boarding today!