Figuring out how often you should wash your dog isn’t always easy. Some dogs require frequent grooming, while others need an occasional bath. But the question remains, how often should you wash your dog? The experts at Penny Paws Animal Clinic are here to help. 

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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Your dog’s breed, coat, and lifestyle often dictate their bathing frequency. Large, active hounds with medium to long coats usually require more baths than smaller lap dogs with short hair. However, this rule doesn’t always apply. 

Hairless dogs like the Xoloitzcuintli and Chinese Crested require more frequent baths than most long hair breeds. Reversely, Puli pups rarely emit unpleasant odors despite their long coats. It’s best to talk to your veterinarian to determine how often you should wash your dog. 

Most dog breeds require a bath every four to six weeks to ensure their coat remains clean and healthy while preventing skin conditions that lead to excess itching, irritation, and oily skin. However, if your dog enjoys rolling in dirt or has a health condition, they may require more frequent bathing.

Can I Bathe My Dog Every Day?

Most vets advise against washing your dog every day unless your pet’s health practitioner recommends otherwise. Bathing your dog too frequently can irritate your four-legged friend’s skin and dry out their coat. Only wash your dog every day if they have a health condition, and your veterinarian advises daily washes.

Can I Bathe My Dog Once a Week?

Only specific dog breeds require weekly bathing. Hairless canines usually need a short bath once a week since they are more care-intensive and prone to odors. Again, it’s best to talk to your vet about your dog’s bathing frequency to ensure you don’t cause skin irritation. 

If you own a dog that requires weekly baths, use a soft shampoo that diminishes irritation and dry skin.

How Seasons Affect Your Dog’s Bathing Frequency

Your dog’s coat, breed, and lifestyle aren’t the only things that dictate their bathing frequency. Seasons can also affect how often you bathe your dog, especially if they spend most of their time outdoors.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog in Summer?

Dogs tend to spend more time playing outdoors in the summer than in most other seasons. Although the climate won’t affect their regular bathing routine, active dogs commonly run and roll around in dirt during the summer season. 

Excess filth can take a toll on your furry friend’s skin and coat, leading to potential health issues. It’s best to bathe your dog every four to six weeks unless they dirty their coat with excess dirt and grime.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog in Winter?

Winter’s dry climate can dry your dog’s skin over time, causing severe irritation and other unfortunate issues. One of the best ways to keep your dog’s skin pristine is to bathe and condition your dog’s skin more frequently. Doing so will reduce dryness while keeping your dog happy and healthy. 

However, only increase your dog’s bathing frequency if you believe they suffer from dry skin. Bathing your hound too often will also irritate their skin and worsen the dryness effect.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog in the Spring?

Long-hair dog breeds often shed during the spring season and sometimes require more baths to remove dead coat layers. Most dog experts recommend bathing your dog every 21 to 30 days to promote a healthy coat and aid shedding. As stated before, it’s crucial not to overwash your dog since it has several adverse effects. 

If your dog has a long coat, regularly brushing is just as vital as bathing. Brushing helps the shedding process and prevents hair buildup within your home.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog in the Fall?

Fall rarely affects your dog’s bathing frequency. The season’s relatively mild climate won’t dry out their skin or cause shedding, allowing you to stick to your four-legged friend’s original bathing routine. Washing your dog every four to six weeks will keep your dog clean and healthy throughout the fall season.

Signs Your Dog Needs a Bath

Emits a Foul-Smelling Odor

Sometimes figuring out when your dog needs a bath is as easy as smelling their coat. If your dog emits a foul or unusual odor, you may want to consider giving them a thorough wash. Giving your dog a thorough bath every four to six weeks will ensure your furry friend stays nice and clean.


If your dog has dandruff, it’s long overdue for a full scrub down. Doggy dandruff forms when your four-legged friend produces too much sebum oil. Washing your dog with an efficient dandruff shampoo will eliminate dandruff and promote a healthy coat.

Visual Dirt or Grime

Most active dogs love playing outside and dirtying their coats. Although brushing your dog will remove some grime from your dog’s coat, excess filth demands a detailed wash. It’s best to wash your dog once you notice their coat becoming dirtier than usual.

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