Are Pet Wellness Plans Worth It? 

There are many things to take care of as a pet parent and sometimes it’s hard to keep everything straight. Having a pet wellness plan makes caring for your pet easier. On top of that, wellness plans don’t break the bank. There are many levels of coverage to choose from, making finding one that works best for you and your budget a breeze. Penny Paws Adult Wellness Plans are a monthly subscription-based package to provide preventive pet care at a more affordable cost. Plans are simple to get started. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should start a wellness plan for your pet and why we think they are worth it. 

1. Pet wellness plans provide coverage for routine care of your pet. Wellness plans cover your pet’s routine care such as annual checkups and vaccines, early blood screenings, parasite testing, and more. 

2. They’re affordable. At Penny Paws Animal Clinic, there are three different levels of coverage to choose from to match your budget. Basic pet wellness plans include an annual health exam, most vaccinations, 1 year of protection against heartworms, and a regular heartworm test for just $25.42 per month. The next step up is the Premier pet wellness plan that includes everything that is in the Basic plan plus flea prevention for 1 year and an intestinal parasite test for $44.41 per month. The Elite plan includes everything the Basic and Premier plans cover plus an early detection blood screen for $53.87 per month. 

3. It’s easy to get one started.  All four of our Penny Paws Animal Clinics offer wellness plans. All you have to do is click here to Enroll at a location.

4. They can save you money.  The way to get the most financial benefit out of a pet wellness plan is to purchase one right away when your dog is a young adult (1 year or older.) Growing animals require multiple visits to the vet. On the other hand, your pet may also require more visits to the vet as they become a senior. If a pet wellness plan is purchased right away, you can make sure your pet will receive all the care they need while you save money.  It is far less expensive to prevent a problem than it is to treat it. 

5. Your pet will receive better care. Having a pet wellness plan encourages pet parents to be more diligent about caring for their four-legged loved ones. 

6. Your pet may live longer. Pet wellness plans allow vets to learn about medical conditions early and to provide successful treatment, causing your dog to live longer and healthier. 

7. It makes paying for your pet’s vet visits easier.  Pet wellness plans spread payments out over a 12 month period, so it’s less of a financial burden each time you have to take your pet to the vet. 

If you want an easy and affordable way to provide the best care for your pet, enroll in a wellness plan today! Contact Penny Paws Animal Clinic to enroll in a plan or to ask any questions about which plan is right for your pet.