Our Administration Team

  • Clay

  • Director

What I do at Penny Paws: Ensure our organization is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible in regards to strategic as well as day-to-day operations. Oversee all company products and services to ensure they meet or exceed all of our customer and client’s expectations.

  • Hometown: Arlington Texas    
  • First Pet: a dog named Moe-Zella

Current Pets: A big (18 lbs) White cat named Whitey. Pretty original name huh? And an English Cocker Spaniel named Winston. They are both rescue animals that I adopted from a shelter.

What I like best about helping animals: The best part about helping animals is the look in their eye when they see a human is here to help them. I am sure that all animals know when a person is trying to help them (even when it hurts a little) and are relieved to know they are loved and being cared for. The most precious part of my job is being able to comfort an animal and let them know they are not alone and we are here to help them!

  • Kat

  • Hospital Administrator

What I do at Penny Paws: Provide leadership to our teams at our Animal Clinics and ensure that the daily operations of the clinics offer a positive client experience.

Hometown: Lisburn, Northern Ireland (Yes, I do still have a wee bit of an accent).

First Pet: Tibbs ( black and white kitty)

Current Pets: Zen (Border Collie), Ashley (Blue Calico kitty), Austin (Lionhead mix bunny)

What I like best about helping animals: I love to see the happiness that pets bring to people. It is so rewarding helping clients to keep their beloved fur-babies fit and healthy.

  • Robin

  • Accounting Manager/HR

What I do at Penny Paws: I handle all of the bookkeeping and HR for Penny Paws.

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

First Pet: A Goat

Current Pets: 6 Dogs – Wyatt, Sadie, Tucker, Turbo, Milo and Charlie and one Cat – Arejay

What I like best about helping animals: The love and appreciation they give in return.

  • Julie

  • Records Specialist

What I do at Penny Paws: Answer phones and assist our clients with all their pet needs. I do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

First Pet: Chica

Current Pets: Cookie

What I like best about helping animals: The love they give us in return and being able to help keep our clients happy and smiling.

Our Vision

We are here to help people live a better, more enriched life by serving the healthcare needs of their pets. Helping people, helping pets is what we do.

Our Plan

We accomplish this through our network of Veterinary Community Outreaches and Animal Clinics that provide quality veterinary health care that is easily accessible, convenient and affordable to the people of Texas.

Our Values

That serve as our guiding lens for all situations include:

  • doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking
  • using the golden rule with every patient, client and team member
  • choosing to have a positive attitude and creative mindset
  • being honest, even when it is easier to not be
  • being compassionate with others and pets because we all suffer