Grand Prairie Grooming Services

Pet grooming is not just about bathing, brushing, clipping, and trimming; it is an essential part of a pet’s health. Professional grooming is the way to go because these groomers will not only do the basic grooming but additionally lookout for signs of diseases and parasites. Book a grooming appointment at Grand Prairie Animal Clinic today!

Why you should choose Penny Paws Animal Clinic

With 63% of Americans considering their pets as family members, and a further 35% seeing them as pets or companions, you must want your family member or companion to look good. Penny Paws is the best place for this because it:

  • Offers the best pet grooming in Grand Prairie, TX
  • Has two convenient locations; in Grand Prairie and Arlington/Mansfield
  • Has experienced and highly skilled groomers
  • Offers affordable grooming service
  • Provides comprehensive animal clinic service on-site
  • Treat pets with respect and love just like you would

Included in all grooming packages:

  • Deep cleaning bath
  • Hair Cut and style
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Hair Removal
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expression

And most importantly, lots of love!

Price ranges from $40 to $120 depending on size, breed, and coat type.

Dog Grooming

If you own a dog, you are in good company. As man’s best friend, dogs are the most popular pets in America. 38% of all households had a dog by year-end 2016. Dog grooming entails hygiene, cleaning, and enhancement of their appearance.  

Benefits of Dog Grooming by Professionals at Penny Paws

  • The groomers will clean away all the dead skin with nice smelling shampoo, leaving your dog looking clean, well-groomed, and smelling good.
  • Groomers know where to look when checking for possible flea and tick attacks. Moreover, constant washing, clipping of the fur, and brushing will prevent parasitic infestations.
  • Regular grooming sessions mean more exposure to grooming professionals who can detect any abnormal bumps and lumps and stop the spread of any diseases. The ear cleaning service will eliminate any dirt and build-up and prevent any infections that may cause dog deafness.
  • When you clip your pet’s nails, they can walk comfortably without having to change their postures. If left for too long, long nails can cause:
    • Arthritis
    • Bone deformations
    • Bad posture

 If you are in the market looking for professional pet grooming services in Grand Prairie, TX, Penny Paws is the place to go. Contact us today to book an appointment and your pet will receive the attention of experienced and highly skilled groomers, with love.

mary bio photo

Mary – Groomer at Grand Prairie Animal Clinic

What I do at Penny Paws: Groom dogs and help Technicians

Hometown: Arlington, TX

First Pet: Doberman – Boomer

Current Pets: 2 dogs 6 cats

What I like best about helping animals: I like helping animals look and feel good

Grooming Gallery

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