Pet Wellness Plans

What is a Wellness Plan? 

When you bring that new puppy home for the first time, you might be worried more about how you’re going to sleep through the night, rather than your pet’s preventative health care. Pets grow so fast, and in the blink of an eye, your puppy or kitten is going to be an adult.

Our pet wellness plans are designed to take care of your pet throughout his/ her life and will help you monitor your pet’s overall health for major issues or more minor issues that can help them have a more enjoyable life. Take the worry out of having a pet and allow a Wellness Plan work for you, so you can enjoy your pet knowing his health is in good hands.

What’s Included in the Wellness Plans?

We have three different Adult Wellness Plans you can choose from for your pet, all of which are great options for pet owners. We understand that there is not a plan that fits all pets and we are here to guide you and help you pick the best plan that fits YOUR pet. Here is a summary of our options:

  • Basic — This includes basic services like an annual health exam, most vaccinations, 1 year of protection against heartworms, and a regular heartworm test.
  • Premier — Middle of the pack, this plan covers all of what the basic plan does, plus it also offers flea prevention for 1 year and an intestinal parasite test.
  • Elite — The most comprehensive of all our plans! This includes everything that your pet needs to stay healthy including an early detection blood screen. This can help to detect abnormalities in bloodwork indicating early disease including cancer. Early detection can help to determine the outcome, provide early intervention, and add years to your pet’s life.

How Much Do The Wellness Plans Cost?

Our three different wellness plans come with different price points. Keep in mind that the Premier and Elite plans also include flea prevention, which you would be paying for separately out of pocket if you do not get that wellness plan. Our team will help you decide which plan is best based on recommended care and your pet’s needs.  By offering three unique plans, it’s easy to choose the best one for your pet.

Enroll Today

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