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Many pet owners wonder if dog grooming is worth it. After all, grooming bills can get expensive, especially if you have a large breed dog or a breed with a lot of hair. However, dog grooming comes with numerous benefits for the health and well-being of your pet. 

You can review the reasons below why many pet owners set up regular grooming appointments for their dogs with our team at Penny Paws Animal Clinic. 

The Benefits of Dog Grooming

So, why does your dog need grooming services? Of course, regular grooming helps your pet look its best, but the benefits go far beyond aesthetics. Grooming also helps support your pet’s physical health. 

For example, regularly brushing your dog can remove excess dirt, dandruff, and shedding hair or fur. 

It also stimulates the production of natural oils from the fur, giving a healthy sheen to your dog’s coat. Additionally, professional grooming allows professionals the opportunity to look for abnormalities like dry patches, ticks, or fleas. 

Get Specialized Grooming Help from the Professionals

Some dog owners decide to handle grooming on their own. While this option is more cost-effective, you may find it easier, in the long run, to work with a professional grooming service. Dog groomers offer comprehensive services, as they: 

  • Brush out mats
  • Bathe your dog
  • Clean your puppy’s ears
  • Look for signs of infection
  • Trim, clip, or shave your dog’s fur
  • Perform a nail trim
  • Brush your dog’s teeth 

Many dog owners do not have the tools and equipment to handle these grooming tasks. For example, it can be challenging to get your dog to hold still without a grooming table. Using the wrong kind of nail clippers could also end up harming your dog. 

Groomers also handle some of the more unpleasant tasks associated with dog ownership, like cleaning your dog’s anal glands, so that you do not have to handle these challenging tasks all on your own.

Working with professionals can help you feel confident about the outcome of dog grooming while protecting your furry friend’s health. 

How Long Does Dog Grooming Take?

There is no set amount of time for dog grooming appointments. Grooming may require varying amounts of time depending upon: 

  • The size of your dog
  • The consistency and length of your dog’s coat
  • The amount of time since the last grooming appointment 

You may speak with your groomer when you schedule the appointment to receive an estimate on the total time. 

However, even estimates may vary somewhat, depending upon what the groomer discovers when caring for your pet. 

How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

Many pet owners hesitate to schedule grooming appointments because they worry about the dog grooming cost. The prices for dog grooming vary based on where you take your dog, your dog’s size, and the type of coat your dog has. 

You may ask for an estimate before you set up your appointment so you can plan for the cost. While it does cost more to allow a professional to handle dog grooming, the process comes with several significant benefits. For example: 

  • Baths help limit skin irritation
  • Deshedding (and detangling) can help prevent mats
  • Brushing helps remove dead or damaged hair
  • Nail trimming helps limit nail tears or cracks 

In the long run, regular grooming appointments can help you save money by reducing your pet’s need for medical treatments. 

Groomers Take Care of All Dogs

Do you want to help your dog have the best experience at the groomers? In this case, we recommend that you set up your puppy’s first grooming appointment early. Dogs who get used to the grooming process as puppies generally handle it better as adults. 

However, some dogs grow aggressive or anxious when brought to the groomers. Professionals know how to confidently handle these dogs, treating them gently to help them calm down. Working with a trained and compassionate groomer can make the process as relaxing as possible for your pet. 

Find Out How Often Your Dog Needs Grooming

How often should you schedule dog grooming? Once again, this depends on the length and texture of your dog’s coat, their size, and how much time they spend outdoors. Your climate may also play a role in determining how often you should schedule grooming. 

For the best results, we recommend that you speak with your groomer about handling your dog’s unique needs. Your groomer may even suggest that you do some touch-up grooming at home to extend the time between visits. 

For example, you may clean your dogs’ teeth, brush their coat, and check their ears. Taking these steps helps your dog stay in excellent condition between grooming appointments. 

Set Up Your Dog Grooming Appointment Today

Dog grooming offers your pet numerous health benefits. It can prevent matting, help you identify issues like fleas or ticks, and increase your dog’s comfort. You can easily set up an appointment for grooming by reaching out to our Penny Paws Animal Clinic team. Contact us online to schedule your appointment!