Elements of a Great Pet Wellness Plan

If you have a pet of any kind, investing in pet insurance is definitely an option to consider for your peace of mind. If your animal friend gets into a sticky situation such as an accident, or comes down with an illness or disease, pet insurance will help you cover vet costs. Pet insurance can also ensure access to the best care possible for your furry friend. You’re never guaranteed to need pet insurance, since it primarily covers unforeseen incidents, but you are certainly guaranteed to need annual routine care for your pet. This is where a pet wellness plan comes in. Adult pet wellness plans function similarly to pet insurance plans, but can be purchased separately. These plans cover routine visits to the vet and help pay for preventative care.

What Might a Wellness Plan Cover?

Our dog wellness plans cover most or all of your pet’s annual preventative care. Preventative care is anything your pet needs for maintenance of its health over time. Annual checkup visits are the main incident covered by wellness plans, but are far from the only one. Consider how many of these routine needs your pet might require:

This is not a comprehensive list; your pet may have other needs, especially if they are a senior. But just from what is mentioned, you can see how these costs could quickly stack up, draining you of hundreds of dollars. A pet wellness plan can help defray these out-of-pocket costs and save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

What Makes a Great Plan?

Pet wellness plans should be comprehensive. At minimum, your plan should cover annual wellness exams and vaccinations, since these are the things your pet will need every year. If you have rescue animals, or animals with any special health needs, a wellness plan will be of great benefit to you since you are likely to come in more than once a year.

But let’s be honest- the minimum is rarely, if ever, good enough for our furry friends. If you find yourself needing more, wellness plans often come in tiers with different levels of coverage for a slightly higher price. Although they may seem pricier, these plans will often save you more over time. Not to mention, the peace of mind you receive from knowing that your fur baby is covered under a variety of circumstances is priceless!

Pet wellness plans should also be affordable; after all, if it’s not saving you money in the long run, why have it? Here at Penny Paws Animal Clinic, we offer three dog plans at different price points, and there is sure to be one that works for your budget and needs. Our Basic plan starts at about $25 per month and covers the annual exam for your pet, vaccinations, and heartworm testing and treatment. The next level of plan, Premier, is about $44 per month, and includes a year of flea prevention as well as parasite testing. The highest tier of plan, Elite, is about $54 per month, and includes all the above as well as deworming and early detection blood testing, which is crucial for stopping diseases in their tracks and extending the healthy life of your pet.

It’s All About Your Pet

Pets are like family to us, and like our human loved ones, we only want the very best for them. Consider investing in a pet wellness plan to help cover 12 months of routine care for your pet. The payoff– in savings, peace of mind, and longevity of your pet- is more than worth it. If you are interested in a wellness plan, or need compassionate, expert care for your pet, contact us at Penny Paws today. If you are ready to enroll now click here and choose your location.