Our Vision

We are here to help people live a better, more enriched life by serving the healthcare needs of their pets. Helping people, helping pets is what we do.

Our Plan

We accomplish this through our network of Veterinary Community Outreaches and Animal Clinics that provide quality veterinary health care that is easily accessible, convenient and affordable to the people of Texas.

Our Values

That serve as our guiding lens for all situations include:

  • doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking
  • using the golden rule with every patient, client and team member
  • choosing to have a positive attitude and creative mindset
  • being honest, even when it is easier to not be
  • being compassionate with others and pets because we all suffer

Our Team!

Dr. Stephanie Arnold-Galan

Dr. Galan

Title: Lead Veterinarian for Basswood Crossing Animal Clinic

What I do at Penny Paws:  Treat medical cases and perform surgeries.  I also give lots of love to all the fabulous pets we see!

Hometown: Saline, MI

First Pet: Snowy, a Persian cat

Current Pets: Perry, Moscow, Oliver, Trouble, Sabrina, Basil and Lechuga – my fat cats; Vincent is my fat pug and Spot is my fat mouse.

What I like best about helping animals: I enjoy being able to speak for animals that can’t speak for themselves. I also love being able to speak with owners about how the services we are doing will impact their pet and help to keep them healthy. Of course, seeing the joy that animals bring their families is a huge plus too!

What I like best about helping animals: Playing with all of the puppies, kittens and new additions to the Penny Paws family.

Dr. Heather Dost, D.V.M


Title: Veterinarian for Richland Hills Animal Clinics

What I do at Penny Paws: Vaccinate pets and educate owners on preventative medicine to keep their pets healthy and happy for as long as possible, but also diagnose and treat them when they become ill. I am also there to alleviate pain and suffering during the animals last moments and provide support to the owners during that difficult time.

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

First Pet: Cocker spaniel named T.C. who I got on my 10th birthday and lived to be 16 years

Current Pets: Jazabel a 12 year old pitbull and Hank my 8 year old three-legged pitbull.

What I like best about helping animals: Being able to see them return to their normal behavior and activity and the happiness it brings to their owners.

Dr. Cynthia Garrett

Title: Veterinarian for Richland Hills and Basswood Animal Clinics

School:  Texas A&M- undergraduate and doctoral (1987 graduate)

What I do at Penny Paws: Everything, but primarily diagnose and treat all Penny Paws patients and perform all surgeries

Hometown: Victoria, TX

First Pet: My first pet was any lizard I could catch

Current Pets: Radar-(Pappion/Poodle), Cash, Pepper, Katara-(Pomeranians), Krissy- (Begian Shepherd), Happy Dog- (Catahoula mix), multiple cats and 40 horses

What I like best about helping animals: Playing with all of the puppies, kittens and new additions to the Penny Paws family.

Adam J. Blackler

adam-pic-w_-albert-jpegTitle: Chief Operations Officer

What I do at Penny Paws:  I am blessed with the opportunity to lead the operations of both our animal clinics and our mobile vaccination clinics in Texas.  My responsibilities include ensuring Penny Paws provides our clients and their four-legged family members the quality of care and value they have come to expect from Penny Paws.  I also love venturing into the community to cultivate new business relationships that allow us to help more people, help their pets through our Veterinary Community Outreach program.

Hometown:  Grand Rapids, MI  – If you are wondering, I do not miss the cold and snow!

First Pet:  Sadie – Golden Retriever

Current Pets:  Albert – Flat Coat Retriever

What I like best about helping animals: When I look at the number of pets we help each week, I can’t help but feel fulfilled.  Helping so many pets get healthy or stay healthy is rewarding and to top it all off, it brings me even more joy knowing those pets can continue to provide happiness and comfort to their families.

Kat Basye

Title: Practice Manager

What I do at Penny Paws: Provide leadership to our teams at Richland Hills and Basswood and ensure that the daily operations of the clinics offer a positive client experience.

Hometown: Lisburn, Northern Ireland (Yes, I do still have a wee bit of an accent).

First Pet: Tibbs ( black and white kitty)

Current Pets: Kes and Zen, (Border Collies), Ashley, (Blue Calico kitty)

What I like best about helping animals: I love to see the happiness that pets bring to people. It is so rewarding helping clients to keep their beloved fur-babies fit and healthy.

Candra FannonCandra

Title: Basswood Clinic Manager

What I do at Penny Paws: Provide leadership, and guidance to our Basswood Clinic team, and ensure a high quality of client service.

Hometown: Kennedale, TX

First Pet: Bear, a poodle mix

Current Pets: Tyrone, the Boxer!

What I like best about helping animals: Helping Animals has truly become a passion for me. Going home every day, and knowing that I’ve helped a Fur-baby who cannot help themselves is the most rewarding and meaningful feeling in the entire world.


Amanda Vessells


Title: Veterinary Assistant

What I do at Penny Paws: Assist Doctor and  Technicians in surgeries, dentals ,exams,restraint,vaccinations,blood work.

Hometown: Haslet ,Tx

First Pet: MaryJane -pit bull

Current Pets: MaryJane -pit bull , Ziggy-chihuahua , Pickles-snake, Penelope-teacup Yorkie , Roxie-Pitbull, Monroe- Teacup Chihuahua

What I like best about helping animals: Being able to give them the proper care and love for their overall health and well being


Angelic G. Cucciniello

Title: Senior Veterinary Technician

What I do at Penny Paws:  Vet Tech

Hometown: Born in Naples, Italy – No hometown. Raised as a Army/Navy dependent.

First Pet: Domestic house cat – Chyna

Current Pets:  Dogs – Solo – 6 mons & Luke – 10 wks,  Cats – Jack – 5 yrs old & Sally – 2 yrs.

What I like best about helping animals: Being a part of a team who acts as ambassador between pets and owners.

Ashley Nixon

Ashley NixonTitle: Vet Tech

What I do at Penny Paws: I assist the doctor during exams and procedures

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

First Pet: Pit bull named lizard

Current Pets: 2 dogs now and their names are Kaia and Kobe

What I like best about helping animals: Helping animals makes me feel like I’m making a positive difference in the world.

Cassidy Furkin

Cassidy Furkin

Title: Receptionist/Customer Support

What I do at Penny Paws: Welcome clients with friendly smiles, answer calls and make appointments, also try and make each Owner and their babies feel at home.

Hometown: Cresson, TX

First Pet: I liked Worms…..

Current Pets: Reeces…..more to come

What I like best about helping animals: Truthfully…ALL THE WET KISSES!! I also love knowing we are making a difference in not only the babies future, but for their human best friends too. I am blessed to get to work with such amazing babies daily!

Elizabeth King

Title: Veterinary Assistant

What I do at Penny Paws: Assist the veterinary technicians with their appointments and surgeries..

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

First Pet: Sugar, a Smooth Fox Terrier.

Current Pets: Brandy, a Shar-Pei/Chow mix and Daisy, a brown tabby DSH.

What I like best about helping animals: Giving owners the right tools to keep their pets healthy, and can’t forget giving pets their hugs!

Melanie Benson

Title: Receptionist/ Customer Support Specialist

What I do at Penny Paws:  Greet Clients, Answer calls, and make appointments.

Hometown: Selby, England

First Pet: Tiny, a dog.

Current Pets: Bella a Dog, and Furguson, a rabbit.

What I like best about helping animals:  Seeing a happy animal and owner leave the clinic after getting the treatment they need.

Sergio Castro

 Sergio CastroTitle: Receptionist

 What I do at Penny Paws: I go over the top to make sure your pets are healthy and happy! 🙂

 Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

 First Pet: Ginger and Fred

 Current Pets: Alena, Remus, Romulus, Roxy, Khloe

What I like best about helping animals: Pets will love anyone who can treat them well and make them happy. While I enjoy helping pets, the love they show in return is priceless.

Violette Howard

Title: Veterinary Technician

What I do at Penny Paws: I assist the veterinarian’s with exams, lab work, dental procedures, surgeries & the overall health & wellness of our fur-babies.

Hometown: Keller, Texas

First Pet: Betsey – Cat

Current Pets: Dutchess – Pitbull mix and Molly – Chihuahua

What I like best about helping animals: It’s an an amazing feeling knowing that you have made an impact on a life that otherwise could not help or speak for themselves.  I will forever hold a special place in my heart for animals.

Robin Adams

 Robin AdamsTitle: Accounting Manager/HR

 What I do at Penny Paws: I handle all of the bookkeeping and HR for Penny Paws.

 Hometown: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

 First Pet: A Goat

 Current Pets: 6 Dogs – Wyatt, Sadie, Tucker, Turbo, Milo and Charlie and one Cat – Arejay

What I like best about helping animals: The love and appreciation they give in return.

Julie Zaragoza

Julie ZaragozaTitle: Records Specialist

What I do at Penny Paws: Answer phones and assist our clients with all their pet needs. I do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

First Pet: Chica

Current Pets: Cookie

What I like best about helping animals: The love they give us in return and being able to help keep our clients happy and smiling.

Kelley Garcia

Kelley GarciaTitle: VCO DFW Auditor/Inventory Specialist

What I do at Penny Paws: Audit files, Prepare our mobile clinic kits and vaccines.

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

First Pet: Taylor Joy

Current Pets: Fiona Lily, Ava Rose, Herschel James

What I like best about helping animals: Educating pets owners on their needs so they can live a long happy life. I love all animals and would go above and beyond to help them.

Elisa Meza

Title: Order Fulfillment Specialist

What I do at Penny Paws: I provide customer service and process all home deliveries for Penny Paws; if you’ve had medication delivered to your home, I packaged it! I also assist in the maintenance of our online store.

Hometown: Floresville, Texas

First Pet: Scrappy and Ginger: a black Chihuahua and a blonde Pekingese

Current Pets: Hank and Drover: a black and white Australian Cattle Dog mix and a black tri-color Australian Shepherd/hound mix. They’re named after the main characters in my favorite childhood book series, “Hank the Cowdog.”

What I like best about helping animals: I love the graciousness and love that animals and their owners show when I’ve helped them. A genuine thank you from one of our clients or appreciative puppy kisses completely make my day.

Laurie Trevino

Laurie Trevino

Title: DFW Office Assistant

What I do at Penny Paws: Assist in the Arlington Office to keep things running smoothly.

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

First Pet: Caleb (Sheltie)

Current Pets: Gabe, Reese, Baby Kole, Baylee, Piper and Oliver

What I like best about helping animals: They are heartwarming and they are sweet souls, and I treat them like my kids.